Frequently Asked Questions

What does CGS stands for? Top
Competitive Grant System.
What are the main themes under the research priorities of PARB? Top
Research priorities of PARB have five major themes viz. enhancing productivity with sustainability of major cropping system, promoting diversification & commercialization, conserving resources & protecting environment, improving competitiveness by value addition, and cross cutting issues & knowledge based agri. policies.
Who can apply for CGS funding? Top
Any individual belonging to an organization in public or private sector can apply for funding under CGS.
Does PARB fund for basic research? Top
No, PARB does not fund for carrying out basic/academic research but applied and result oriented research.
What’s the limit of project cost PARB would fund? Top
There is no limit on project cost. However projects with costs less than Rs 20 million is preferred.
What’s the maximum period of funding for a project? Top
Maximum period of funding by the PARB is 5 years, which includes maximum of 3 years for research and maximum 2 years for testing, demonstration and commercialization.
Does PARB fund for import of technologies? Top
Yes, PARB will fund to import some technologies if the imported technologies are well tested elsewhere and are not available or cannot be developed locally.
What is the management cost? Top
Project submitting organizations will get 25% of the total project costs as incentive for institutional development e.g. improving labs.
What incentive I will get as Project Manager? Top
You, as the Project Manager, will get 1% of the project cost as personal incentive in addition to your share in 5% of the activity cost in which you will be involved.
What is the share of scientists involved in the project activities as incentive? Top
The scientists involved in project activities will get 5% of the activity cost as personal incentive.
Can I be considered as a collaborating scientist if I belong to the same institution/division/department? Top
No, Scientists from the same institute/department etc. will not be considered as
collaborating scientists.
Can I include the cost of international travel related to the project? Top
Yes, international travel to visit overseas labs, exchange research ideas and get training project related latest techniques will be funded, if well justified in the project document.
What is the maximum cost for machinery and equipment that can be included in the project? Top
Costs on machinery & equipment must not exceed 20% of the total project cost.
What does the PARB travel funding cover? Top
It covers return economy airfare, conference registration fee, per diem during the conference/workshop days, visa fee, and boarding charges.
Who is eligible for the PARB travel grant? Top
Scientists working for public sector agriculture, livestock, dairy, forestry, or fisheries research/educational Institutions of the Punjab (Pakistan) are eligible for the PARB travel grant.
Am I eligible for travel grant if I have availed the grant during the period less than last 6 months? Top
No, you are eligible to apply at least 6 months after you have availed the opportunity.
What are the minimum qualifying marks for consideration for the travel grant? Top
Qualifying marks are 40 (please see detail of merit criteria on the PARB website).
How long prior to the conference date do I need to apply? Top
Around 2 months before the conference date - PARB has Executive Committee meeting in the last week of every month for the approval of travel grant cases.
Does PARB also fund for organising conferences? Top
Yes, PARB sponsors conferences/workshops/seminars related to agriculture. Proforma for seeking funds can be downloaded from the PARB website.
I heard PARB is no more providing funding for travel, is that true? Top
The funding was halted a couple of years earlier. However approval has been graciously accorded by the Chief Minister (Punjab) lately for revival of travel grants.
From where I can get the Application forms for research/travel grant? Top
These can be downloaded from the PARB website.