The Board shall take all such measures as it deems necessary for the promotion, development and conduct of agricultural research in the Punjab. To meet these objectives, the department has the following functions:

  • Plan, coordinate, monitor and evaluate agricultural research
  • Approve agricultural research and training priorities
  • Suggest measures to the Government to upgrade agriculture research and its management in the Province
  • Redirect or re-allocate resources of the Board
  • Approve research projects subject to the powers equivalent to the Departmental Development Sub-committee (DDSC) as may be notified by the Government
  • Collaborate with national and international research institutions
  • Import of technologies for local adaptation and publications
  • Foreign travel to attend scientific conferences and project related activities
  • Holding scientific conferences, workshops, seminars
  • Finance the agriculture related activities as prescribed by the Board including but not limited to the following:
  • Under the provision of section 13 of the Act, make regulations not inconsistent with these rules for efficient management and administration of the affairs of the PARB
  • Delegate any of its function and power to the Executive Committee, Chief Executive, Executive Members of the Board subject to intimation to the Board
  • Create  and re-designate posts in the service of the Board and fix or change financial remuneration for the same andperform any other function for carrying out the purposes of the Act