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Cross cutting issues & knowledge based Agriculture policies

Gender, WTO, and Poverty issues

Impact of WTO on the structure and performance of agriculture production in Punjab in the short and long run.
Research on how the WTO can improve comparative advantage to the farmers of the Punjab
Impact of WTO on the income disparities and gender in agriculture 5AB.1.4. Development of agricultural poverty and productivity nexus

Development of new research approaches/methodologies

Research on Ergonomics
Development/improvement of effective, long duration and multiple diseases vaccines of important diseases of animals and poultry
Research on reproductive biotechnologies for in vitro fertilization, culture, embryo production and cloning to increase reproduction in animals
Development of suitable hormonal protocols for estrus and ovulation synchronization especially in buffalo for increased reproduction
Genetic characterization of local breeds of different animals for conservation and early identification of better traits
Development of new extension methodologies and approaches 5AB.2.7. Use of machine vision and robotics in Agriculture
Research on climate change/global warming especially its impact on production of different crops and livestock products in different areas in the short and long run
Impact assessment methodologies of different projects

Maintenance/Service Research

Monitoring of resistance to pesticide(s) in important pests of major crops 5A.3.2. Control of termites
Develop appropriate management practices for vertebrate pests
Studies on the housing and management systems of animals especially for small ruminants and poultry
Diagnosis,   epidemiology and   control   of   emerging   and   re-emerging   infections/ infestations of livestock and pests of crops
Research on emerging sciences like biotechnology, nanotechnology etc for improving productivity in agriculture
Research on control and factors affecting mycotxin(s) production, especially aflatoxin in agricultural commodities, animal and poultry feed.
DNA marker assisted selection for different traits of crops and animals
Studies on the causes and narrowing gaps between the yields of the progressive farmers and the common farmers
Impact  analysis  of  cotton,  sugarcane,  rice,  wheat,  citrus,  mango,  and  livestock research carried out at Universities and research institutions
Studies on hygienic quality of food stuffs at vendor’s level
Development of low cost diagnostic kits for detection of important diseases of plants, poultry and animals
Development/ improvement of assays/techniques for efficient diagnosis of crops, animal, poultry, and fish diseases