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Conserve resources & protect environment

Crop sector

Soil, fertilizers, pesticides and land

Develop cropping pattern and integrated nutrient management methodologies to decrease nutrient depletion in soil and enhance organic matter contents
Develop nutrient efficient varieties, especially in wheat, cotton, sugarcane, rice, maize and vegetables
Improve fertilizers use efficiency through liquid and band placement 3A.1.4. Develop fertilizer use recommendations for different cropping systems
Develop appropriate technologies to reduce soil erosion, desertification, soil compaction, and salinity & sodicity
Research on developing efficient methods for composting 3A.1.7. Standardization of spraying techniques
Developing alternatives of chemicals used in crops and livestock sector for improving health and productivity
Development and validation of IPM models of different pests in various crops (especially in cotton and vegetables where maximum pesticide is used)
Develop standards for the use of additives in spray mixtures to reduce pesticide doses 3A.1.11. Develop better land use options for Thal and Cholistan areas (crops, plants, grasses, small ruminant, etc.)

Water use Efficiency

Research on alternatives of flood irrigation at farm level by on farm storage, sprinkler irrigation and trickle irrigation and develop optimum input and management schemes for each
Improve water use efficiency by adapting direct seeding in rice and furrow-bed system in other crops
Develop rain water harvesting and conservation technologies for rainfed and dry regions 3A.2.4. Determination of optimum water requirements under alternative irrigation technologies of different crops grown under different soil types in different zones

Environmental Efficiency of Crop and Livestock Production

Management of pollinators particularly honeybees for sustainable agriculture crop yields of cross pollinated crops
Studies on fate and pathway(s) of agrochemicals particularly pesticides in soil, water, and food chain including livestock products and environment
Documenting  the impact of pesticides  and livestock production in close proximity of humans on environment including human/animal health.
Developing technologies for reducing pesticides and heavy metals residues in different food commodities including livestock products
Technologies for crop and livestock residue management for the conservation/ protection of environment.