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  • Genetic Improvement of Groundnut for Herbicide and Disease Resistance
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) of aphids on wheat crop
  • Basic seed potato production of new varieties SH-5, FD 35-36 & FD 69-1 from in vitro propagated material & its demonstration in the farmer’s fields
  • Insecticidal Bioactivity of Essential Oils of Local Medicinal Plants Against Insect Pests of Stored Wheat
  • Development of nutrient efficient wheat germplasm for food scrutiny in rainfed areas of Pakistan
  • Developing Parboiling Technology and Rice Varieties Suitable for Parboiling
  • Standardization and Popularization of Direct Seeding to Increase Rice Productivity & Resource Conservation
  • Biological management of root   knot nematodes on vegetables in Punjab
  • Documenting and mitigating the impact of pesticides and heavy metals on vegetables
  • Exploiting controlled atmosphere technology potential for extended storage and shipping of fresh produce to international markets
  • Transgenic approach to improve drought and salinity tolerance in wheat
  • Development, Optimization And Technology Dissemination Of Indigenous Based Skin Coating Material (SCM) For Fruit And Vegetables)
  • Economics of Livestock Production and its marketing in Punjab
  • Exploration Of Rice Bran Oil Production
  • Improvement of value chains and tradability of farmers’ produce
  • Utilizing Bacterial ACC-Deaminase Biotechnology to Enhance Water Use Efficiency for Sustainable Production of Cereals
    Introgression of cotton leaf curl virus resistance genes from gossypium arboreum (Desi Cotton) into gossypium hirsutum (Upland Cotton)