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Future Plans

The department has the following future plans:

  • Identification of Superior Bulls of Nili and Nili-Ravi Breeds for Increasing Milk Production through selection, breeding values and genome analyses
  • Genetic engineering of fiber trait genes to improve staple length in cotton.
  • Improvement of Fiber Quality in Upland Cotton through Introgression using DNA Markers
  • Engineering Potato Against Frost and Viruses
  • Genetic Improvement of potato cultivars for delay in sweetening, tolerant to late blight and frost
  • Development of Doubled Haploid Maize Hybrid for Water Limited Field Conditions
  • Developing short duration, high yielding, and disease resistant mungbeans
  • Enhancing growth and productive performance in native Aseel chicken employing integrated selective breeding and identification of growth markers for poverty alleviation in rural areas
  • Expression of cell-wall degrading enzymes in higher plant chloroplasts for bioethanol production from lignocellulosic plant biomass
  • The Cholistan Desert Medicinal Plants Characterization and Cultivation      
  • Collection, Characterization and Maintenance of Germplasm for Indigenous Forest, Medicinal  and Endangered Plants in Punjab      
  • Impact of Managed Pollination by Apis Mellifera L. on Different Crops Yield      
  • Modification of sugarcane stripper for removing the trash from sugarcane      
  • Assessment of Biomass Production and Development of Rangelands in DG Khan and Cholistan (Punjab) by Reseeding of Grasses Dry Aforestation of Fodder Trees     
  • Use of distillery waste product as a growth promoter in early weaned buffalo calves      
  • Standardization of microbiology based quality control testing for value addition and for enhancing export potential of locally produced frozen bull semen
  • Establishment of sustainable and cost effective seed drying and storage technology in Pakistan       Dehydration and preservation of fruits, vegetables and crops using solar energy      
  • Utilization of poultry farm litter and dead birds compost as livestock feed ingredient and agriculture fertilizers.      
  • Nutritional enhancement of Agricultural wastes and its use in Animal feeding      
  • Safety and functional assessment of  lactococcal probiotics for public use      
  • Isolation, characterization and commercial development of indigenous dairy starter culture      
  • Milk production potential of camel and isolation of therapeutic components for treating the metabolic diseases